hooking into activity tracking for our auditing

Jun 21, 2008 at 1:31 AM

We're planning on a switch from our home whipped together StateMachineTrackingService (that keeps tracking details in memory) to using the WFTools tracking services for Oracle.  Our workflows are state machine workflows and we host the runtime in a windows service.  We're using VS2005, .Net 3.5, Windows XP, Oracle 10g.

2 questions:

(1) in our current Tracking service impl., we have code that (C# delegate) hooks into the TrackingService.Track in order to receive notification that the workflow instance has changed state due to a "Transition" being received by our workflow host (and the state machine event looked up and fired).   How can i hook into WFTools tracking so that a state change triggers the insertion of an audit record?

(2) for #1 above, we need to keep track of what event was fired (on the front side, to the runtime) that resulted in a state change (on the back side, from tracking).  How can we do this?

Many thanks!